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May I lay my body at this hotel? ;)

Modal Verbs:
Revision on the Modal Verbs Label especially here and here Read: Complete these sentences: This weekend: I can... I may... I might not... I will... I should... I shouldn't... I must... I won't be able to... I don't have to...
Links to lots of Practice on Agenda Web: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Others: 1, 2 Modal Verbs in Songs: 1, 2 and in Frozen
The Body: Revise Practise with Shreck The body in the news: Read or Listen, then summarize and try the Word Search: Lungs don't just help us breathe For the scientist in you: Human Body Facts
At a hotel:  Hotel Vocabulary Listening: Make a Hotel Reservation Read and answer Lots more Resources on ISL Collective Revision: Listen Watch and Practise
Your turn to Speak!: In pairs, make conversations:  - Checking in and out of a hotel   - Booking on the phoneComplaining - Role Plays

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